073 // Onegai teleport~ Onegai teleport~ Hissatsu teleport~

Forget how I confused the atomic number with the mass number in yesterday's chemistry test.
Forget I got a 5.5 on my last Biology test, and that I got one wrong in today's.
Forget my Jesus' Bible teacher was too busy planning his 27hours of alcohol to actually have classes (seriously though, wth? D:)
Just saying.


I was supposed to go back home to study Algebra today, because I've got 4 hours of free time. But Mum told me to gtfo of the house, so I'm studying here at Uni instead D:. C'est la vie.
I mean, not that I don't like my Uni friends, but... 4 hours? It gets boring after a while __U.
Now if only I could find those worksheets, it would be pretty nice.

Someone on my f-list knows anything about inequalities? Because I could really use some help.
I feel so dumb now __U

On happier notes: MEME TIME!

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Why such a lame entry, self? I've really got no inspiration today...

071 // Ichi, ni, san, can you follow me? "11111123"

So, first week of University! It was actually much more interesting and easy than I had given it credit for. So I guess I spent too much time worrying for nothing UXD. Also, we first years get to have Fridays free, so it's even more relaxed than school ♥

We had a meeting the day before classes started. Nico (a second year) showed us around the campus, and then made as go back and fetch the Student Council's logos that were scattered around as a contest. We made a team of 20 people and won~ *coughanditwasobviouslynotbecausemyteamcheatedcough*. Turns out those 20 became BFFs and we made a group called "La Masa Crítica" (The Critical Mass UXDD), and we do all sort of crazy things together. We laugh loudly in the middle of class, we talk non-stop, sing on the Tube every time we have to change campus (and we even got some money once =D), formed a Bio-glee club, have deep and meaningful conversations, and then again not. Half the teachers hate us, and the others find us funny as hell XD. Students from every career know about us, even if we haven't even talked to them. It seems we have made quite a name for ourselves already and we're just one week in. But you know what? When it comes to actually studying, we seem to be the only ones who actually know what to do and aren't having problems with the different subjects (because, really, they are exactly the same things we've been learning these last 4 YEARS!). It's such a brilliant group of people, and I couldn't be happier ♥

I also joined a new RP. yukuecamp! Any JE fans out there? The storyline is really interesting, so you should definitely check it out~!

Now, for the grand finale... It's peanut butter meme time~! Stealing from shineofastar~

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Of course, this was the happy post. You'll be getting a Japan Earthquake related post in a few minutes.

069 // I wanna touch you~ Zenzen tarinai~

It's 6:41 am right now!
That actually means that I have trouble sleeping again, so I'm up really early *shot* __U It's been happenning a lot lately. It turns out that I can't sleep when it's too hot outside. Seeing as it is summer right now, it is quite a problem DX. And since I've already been up for an hour listening to a rip from Jin's concert, I figured I might as well write something here too :D
(by the way, my favourites were "Magnitude", "Body Talk", "The Fifth Season" and "Yellow Gold" <3)

I finally got to go on vacations two Thursdays ago with my brother and my Dad. We were in San Carlos until Sunday, then went back to Santiago and then came to La Serena on Tuesday. We'll be staying here until next Wednesday, then it's back to Santiago for my driving test and classes~
The thing I said before about it being summer? Seems the weather kinda firgot about it. We've had everything: from cloud days to rain to thunderstorms.We've also been shaking a lot, but that's almost normal by now __U. In fact, I might be a lot little scared now, because we're right next to the sea now x.x
I really love coming to La Serena, though. My Mum lived here for University, so we were taught to love it from a really young age ^^U. Going for walks on the beach is brilliant! There're also some really great open fairs, and I've bought some really c
ute clothes. And most importantly, they've got juice stalls everywhere! La Serena has got the best orange-banana juice I've ever tried! <3
But the thing is... It hasn't been very exciting at all. The thing with my Dad is that he has an aversion to any kind of emotion displays DX Be it speaking loudly or talking animatedly about something, we'll probably get scolded by it. And both my brother are the type of people who likes making running comentaries on anything, don't know if that makes sense UXD. It makes things like our epic bubble battles difficult to have >.>

Maybe I should stop rambling nd try to get some more sleep. But with Dad's snoring I don't think I'll actually make it __U

PS: Typing on the phone is reaally tirying ..U
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068 // Coz you're my one in a million, dakara never say goodbye ♪

This was the most amazing day I've ever had ♥
Everything good that could have happened to me happened, and then got better *-*. I was randomly shouting "TODAY MIGHT BE A GOOD DAY! ♥" all day long~ XD

First, today was my last day of driving classes. I was already all happy when I woke up because of this XD. I mean, I did grow to like them, or at least the last three of them were actually fun, but I still consider myself a menace when driving ^^U. Also, my teacher asked me to move my class by 45 minutes, so I actually had time to get lunch before going this time :D. Everything was going normally, and then there was someone ringing our doorbell. What's special about that?


I was happily screaming for half an hour *-*. Poor delivery guy, he must think I'm crazy, getting strange boxes with kanji on them and shouting like an idiot UXD (at least he's right~). The box was crazy! It had a lot of layers, and I spent a lot of time trying to open it ^^U. When I got to the CD it was covered in bubble wrap ♥. I went all "OMG YAMAPI CD AND BUBBLE WRAP~! <3".
You're all getting a track-by-track review tomorrow, just so you know. But this album is amazing~! Yamapi has really grown over the years :D. My favourite tracks are "Crazy You", "Dekiai ROBOT", "Saigo no Love Song", "Tokyo Sinfonietta", "PARTY DON'T STOP" and "Touch You"; and of course the album version of "Hadakanbo" <3. Oh, and I'm completely convinced that Saigo no Love Song was written for Jin. Just saying :P. I'm surprised no one has brought it up...
While I was listening to it, my Mum randomly went to my room and offered me some chocolate. I hadn't eaten it in some time, so I was ecstatic~ We tried some chicken burgers for lunch, and they were delicious! Then I went to driving classes and actually drove flawlessly for once! V(^-^) I even approved! I was really happy about that, maybe there is some hope for me after all! Then I bought a Pepsi and some cookies and went to the Chinese Mall to buy the tickets for AniLive for my brother and I. Then I went to Eurocentro to look at plushies, and I found the Germany one I was missing from my Hetalia collection, so I bought him ^^. My mum and brother weren't home when I got back, so I tried to choose a song for AniLive's karaoke. Didn't have much luck on that one UXD. Also I was really hungry by that time. And when they came back, they brought more Pepsi and some sweet bread and I was all "This day can't get any better *-*".

Now that I think about it, it doesn't really take much to make me happy, does it? UXD. Still, I was amazed! Normally, things don't go the way I want to and I try to fix them. But today everything fell into place so nicely~ It really was a wonderful day :)

And then Bielsa had a press conference and said he wouldn't be Chile's football team's coach anymore ;-;. The whole country loves him, and even those who don't recognize how much better the team became thanks to him. But he said it was mostly the big team's owner's fault, and that's painfully true D:. Surely, there will be some interesting reactions tomorrow.

Still, in the grand scheme of things, I believe this was a flawless day.
Though if there was a sudden announcement, like a NEWS' South America tour or CHI48, I wouldn't be complaining XDD

067 // Boukansha ja No No~! ♪

I HATE HATE HATE driving classes __U. Each one makes me even more convinced that driving is definitely not my thing. I mean, theoretically, I know how everything should be done. It's really not that hard. But every time I'm behind the steering wheel I go "D:" and forget about everything __U. I'm happy with walking and using the subway forever, ktnx.
Tomorrow I've got classes until 4:30, and then again at 7:00 OTL. At least I found something useful to do with that time: I'm going to Starbucks! :D (Yes, to order some not-coffee drink. Yes, on my own. Yes, my social life is nonexistent *forever alone*). That's what has been pulling me through this last week. I don't know what I'll do on Friday UXD. At least I haven't got classes on Saturday, but they moved it to Wednesday morning instead, so now I have two classes on Wednesday *shot*.

I got my Dad to lend me his card, so I got to order both "Supergood, Superbad" and "Eternal" *-*. Edition B for both, of course. It's Yamapi's first album, so I had to get it ♥ He's been such a big inspiration for me, I really owe him a lot of things. This is the least I could do ^^U. And he and Jin are getting me through all my Uni problems right now. Also, Jin's single comes out the same day my classes start, so that's my "You actually got in" gift for myself :D. Thanks, you two, from the bottom of my heart <3.

Now, I'm stealing this meme that has been going around my f-list~
You know how sometimes people on your friendslist post about stuff going on in their life, and all of a sudden you think "Wait a minute? Since when were they working THERE? Since when were they dating HIM/HER? Since when???" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly pretty standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you should already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

Please copy the topics below, erase my answers and put yours in their place, and then post it in your journal! Please elaborate on the questions that would benefit from elaboration. One-Word-Answers seldom help anyone out. (:

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066 // Colorful na sekai he~

Turns out I began with my driving classes this week *cheers, except no*. To tell the truth, they've been very boring DX. The teacher even fell asleep during one of them __U. Thankfully, the "theory" part of the exam is pretty simple, and most of it is just common sense. All these years of watching my parents drive is finally paying off. On the nice side, there's this Castaño bakery next to the building I'm taking classes in, so this has been a pretty sweet week UXD. But it's also not-really-near my house, so I get to do a lot of walking every day~
My teacher called this morning to say he wouldn't be around on Saturday for my first practical lesson ("Yay, one more week :D"), so he would be moving it to tomorrow's morning instead ("OMG WUT? Not fair ;-;"). So , I get to wake up extra early, go to classes, don't kill myself during them, go home, eat lunch, go to classes AGAIN, then go home __U. Then on Saturday's morning, I've got to do the written test T-T. There's just no break from these classes UXD.

Last week I finally went to my future University~ It's really cool on the inside, and I only got lost 3 times UXDD. My Dad was laughing in my face the whole time. I've always said my sense of orientation is surprisingly bad XDD. But my memory is awesome, so once I've been somewhere I can perfectly remember how to get there and what the surroundings were. So I won't really have any trouble with that (I hope UXD).
My Faculty also had this meet-up on Saturday, where we first years got to talk with some of the students. I was really nervous about going, because it was in a bar and I don't drink. Ever. But the thing is, my faculty is made up of three different careers: Biology, Marine Biology and Biochemistry. A guy from my school's F class, Nacho, made it into Marine Biology, and he was going to go, so that made me a lot less anxious UXD. These guys are awesome! They were really happy to talk to us and explain everything we wanted to ask. I really felt like we were part of the faculty, and classes don't start until March. And later I got to speak with Nacho, and he told me he was really happy and proud of me for having chosen Biochemistry even when my whole family wanted Medicine, because it was something I really wanted and it made me happy. It was really touching, because nobody had said something like that to me ;-;. A friend of my family, who is living in Spain, called later and told me the same thing. It's pretty nice for people to notice things like those, and I was elated to hear it ^^U.

I wanted to steal some memes, but that will have to wait until tomorrow... Wait, later today UXD. If I don't go to sleep now, I won't make it in time for classes tomorrow >.>. Wish me luck, f-list~! :D
Losing Hope

063 // Sayonara~ Sayonara~ Itoshii hito...

Takahashi Ai is graduating from Morning Musume and Hello! Project
*bawls like an idiot*
I knew this day was coming sooner or later. I mean, she and Risa are the ones who have been in the group the longest. But still, Ai-chan has been my favourite since I first got into H!P ♥ And she has such an amazing voice too! I really don't want her fading into obscurity after she leaves. If she went solo or something I wouldn't be this apprehensive...
Still, あいーちゃん、 卒業おめでとうございます! You've been a wonderful leader and the best member Morning Musume could have <3
*bias showing*

Yesterday my Mum invited some ex-classmates over. They get together in their houses from time to time, and it turns out yesterday was my Mum's turn UXD. At least this time I wasn't in charge of looking after the children (which is something that usually gets dumped on me), because all of them were my brother's age, so he got to entertain them instead ^^U. I was going to watch them anyway, but then they had a reaggeton-listening!party, so I watched KAT-TUN's "Queen of Pirates" concert instead :D. I must admit, KAT-TUN has some really great songs, and Akanishi Jin's English is really nice (I knew he had actually studied back in L.A.!). But the MC was the most boring I've ever seen __U. I spent 20 minutes going "You're in a group. Together. Please act like it D:". And then Yamapi came in and all was well again UXD.

Today I'm doing some clothes designs. Hopefully, I can go buy some cloth next week. I've also got to start on my Kotone cosplay, though it seems there are no more tickets for this 29th's Anime Expo ..U.